Angelic Templates

Angelic Templates

Installation, Restoration and Transmutation

A template is a pattern to guide the form of something that is being made. In conscious evolution, or “soul-making,” Angelic Templates contain the etheric, subtle and multidimensional templates to help guide the form of various parts of your being and physical life. Like Divine CD ROMs, Angelic Templates are whole, healthy, complete, “living” and perfect references on subjects or life issues. These templates are installed by Angelic Guidance and help to reconnect you to information and consciousness in a form that is directly from Source.

Just as CD ROM’s provide vast amount of reference material for your easy perusal, or as work processing programs or spreadsheet program allows you to access, work with and apply data faster, more easily and in new, more powerful ways… Angelic Templates enable you to process, integrate, access and apply life lessons, information and experiences – faster, easier and more powerfully.  In this way, Angelic Templates help accelerate your conscious evolution.

In this very thorough and profound Sacred Healing Session, we help you reclaim, restore and realize more of your full power as we:

1. Install Divine Angelic templates – and exchange or restore old templates with Divine ones.

2. Demonstrate how to measure the acceleration of your growth in any area

3. Assess the templates and determine which templates are not being utilized, a valuable tool to reveal areas in need of transmutation attention

4. Demonstrate how to use Angelic templates as a Divine roadmap, to help you more consciously plan, manifest, and accelerate your on-going awakening, healing and evolution

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