The Quickening Quantum Leap

The Foundation for the Conscious Quantum Leap

We created a workshop that incorporates all three of the main Quickening sections in one. We call it The Foundation for the Conscious Quantum Leap. You get the full Foundation transformative protocols, the “I Am” Quickening Transmutations of core concepts and belief systems and the installation, upgrading and evaluation of the most up to date Angelic Template Library. The Quickening Quantum Leap workshop prepares a solid multidimensional foundation for your personal quantum leap in accelerated conscious evolution. In this very thorough and profound Sacred Healing Session, we help you reclaim, restore, and realize more of your full power through three parts of transmutation.

The first major component of the Quickening Spiritual technology, called The Foundation, provides a safe, gentle, permanent and vital form of Sacred Healing designed for your accelerated multidimensional needs in the modern millennium. It has been given to us not only to provide a transformative foundation for our present life time; it also lays a firm foundation and provides the fundamentals to enhance and ease our evolutionary path for the rest of our human existence.

The Foundation consists of a body of protocols, processes, invocations, meditations and prayers that utilize the Grace, Light, Love, Will and Power of the Universal Laws, our Highest of Selves, Spiritual Guidance, the Angelic Kingdom, the Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Bodies and our Incorruptible Infinite God Goddess.

The Foundation opens with an Invocation process that transmutes and upgrades your personal protocols such that it influences and directs how you embrace, participate and evolve using the spiritual technology offered to you. This Invocation, for example, will transmute an ancient protocol of martyrdom suffering inadvertently activated due to your contemporary desire for self mastery and enlightenment, and instead, putting in its place an upgraded evolutionary process penetrated and permeated in light, ease, protection, respect, support, joy, clarity, connection, empowerment, love and grace.

The Foundation then installs six very important Angelic Templates. Templates hold all the universal data about a particular subject, especially in regards to the human experience. This accelerates us in such a way that we now have our own personal infinite library on the subject at our command, along with Angelic Guidance to help us safely access the vital data, enhancing your understanding and demonstration of each subject. The six Templates chosen from the vast Angelic Template library are Love, Trust, Boundaries, Attachment Transmutation, Cording Transmutation and Psychic Body. Each Template has an additional Foundation processes and teachings designed to empower you in a most tangible and profound way.

The Foundation empowers you by initiating, activating and establishing spiritual, subtle body, psychic and energetic hygiene. The Foundation does this first by removing parasites, parasitic activity and restoring your multidimensional field health, timeline integrity and reality alignment and interface with our Incorruptible Infinite God Goddess. And then by activating processes and installing mechanisms to transmute, upgrade, maintain and protect your multidimensional self, sacred space and personal boundaries, thus preventing future parasitic violations and interference. In other words,The Foundation empowers your multidimensional “Immune System”.

Additionally, The Foundation includes processes to reveal, transmute and remove any other consciousness, element or energy that has interfered, obstructed and or altered your existence, realities or your connection to our Infinite Source. For example, this section extracts, prevents and protects you from such things as psychic attacks, violating implants and curses from this lifetime or any other.

Once your field has been cleared and proper hygiene is in place, then The Foundation installs processes and mechanisms that upgrades and enhances the very core of your being. Allowing and facilitating your incarnated self to consciously interface with your Higher Self. This not only sets the stage for you to finally integrate, utilize, and demonstrate nearly all of the lovely, powerful, transformative processes that you have done previously throughout your present lifetime it also prepares you to accelerate your ability to process and integrate massive amounts of data that is about to flood in both from the upgrades that humankind is receiving in this new millennium and the influx of data that The Foundation initiates and activates. This paves the way for the next section of The Foundation.

The Foundation provides processes and mechanisms that puts out a universal call, locate, reclaim, transmute and integrate aspects of your being that have been, for various reasons, abandoned throughout time, space, place and void. This section includes soul retrieval and the integration of aspects of yourself that had splintered from your whole. This accelerated integration of self is critical because it has the capability of catapulting you through evolution in the most graceful and delightful manner.

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