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The Shadow Huntress Helps Others

Out of her shadow hunting hobby Dr. Rossi created The Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution (an advance Shadow Processing System) and yearlong programs for Quickening Practitioner Training. The Quickening is a unique form of Sacred Healing which empowers the user to transform the concepts, belief systems and patterns that limit the quality of their life from a soul level. The premise is that this system has the spiritual technology to enduringly change our belief systems previously coded in the soul's memory during all incarnations. Thus transforming beliefs and redirecting our creative life force energy to consciously create a lifetime change to a more loving, joyous, empowering, healthy and prosperous reality. The process makes it possible for the individual to be squeaky clean inside their own heads and fields. This unique methodology provides access to guidance and healing energies, while at the same time helping integrate body, mind, emotions, ego, soul and spirit to manifest their true nature as Divine Human Beings. 

How would it be for you to be at peace, have clarity, feel safe,
trust yourself, love yourself and feel worthy?

These things can come true for you!

Do you remember when you woke up to the idea that there was more to life than initially appears?

Do you remember when what “they” said, and what “they” taught you did not make sense; when it contradicted itself; when you could sense the “lie”; when it left you empty, confused, unhappy, scared…even angry? Did you stay quiet, smolder and fester inside with inner denial…or did you fight and rebel, possibly even causing harm to yourself and others? Do you remember the final crises, your personal “wake up call”? Do you remember your “awakening”…when you became passionate about unraveling the mystery… when you started searching, questioning, challenging? Were you five, ten, twenty-five or maybe you were fifty-five? Were you amazed to discover that the information highway was strewn with books, internet sites, gurus, mystics, workshops, experiential programs, and religious paths at every turn; an overwhelming sea of esoteric wisdoms collected since the dawning of time and the first human recordings, exploding on your horizon in a volume and availability humans have never seen before?

How are you now….?

When you were born into this world there were so many, many things that you had to learn simply to be, do and have in this brand new life…basic things, common sense stuff that kept you sane, happy, healthy and safe. It had so many layers to it, full of excitement, potential, promise and possibility; balancing innocence, curiosity and creativity with awareness, understanding and wisdom. You had to learn to eat and drink, and then to sit, crawl, stand and walk. You had to learn your mother’s tongue; to draw, read and write your ABCs and 1, 2, 3s and sing your Doe, Ray, Mes. You had to be potty trained, and learn how to clean, groom and dress yourself while at the same time you were taught proper manners and courtesies: how to share, be kind and put your toys away. You were taught safety, such things as “hold mommy’s hand and look both ways before you walk across the street”, “keep your hand on the grocery cart”, “don’t talk to strangers” and “stranger danger”, along with being taught not to play with matches and poke metal objects into power outlets.

In many ways being “reborn” into an “awakening”…needs the same kind of love, nurturance, attention, diligence, consistency, support, kindness, education, wisdom, discipline, alignment, guidance and protection.

Law of Spiritual Awakening
A basic level of self-control and stability is required to maintain the degree of effort required for the awakening of other states of awareness. Because such awakening brings with it higher forms of perception and power, self-centered misuse of the greater perception and power bears proportionally graver karmic consequence. Spiritual Awakening brings with it the need for moral impeccability”.

When you are “reborn”, waking and opening for the first time to the multidimensional world there are so many, many things that you have to learn simply to be, do and have in this expanded universe…basic things, common sense grounded stuff that keeps you productive, sane, happy, healthy and safe. It has so many layers to it, full of excitement, potential, promise and possibility; balancing innocence, curiosity and creativity with obedience, discipline, awareness, understanding and wisdom. You have to relearn to powerfully nourish, hydrate, play and keep yourself fit. You have to learn to clean, provide and maintain proper spiritual, psychic and energetic hygiene. You have to learn to effectively understand and communicate with proper language, manners and courtesies with the Spiritual Community and the Infinite Divine Source.  You must learn to traverse your personal path of self mastery to enlightenment with safety, ease, gentleness, joy and grace. You need to learn how to consciously manage your physical manifestations, co-creations and realities while at the same time being fully integrated with your multidimensional Higher Self. You must be taught safety; such things as “hold the Ascended Master’s hand when accessing, utilizing and navigating across a freeway that is Infinity long, Eternity wide and 144 dimensions high ”, learn and utilize safety protocols and disciplines when communicating with “spiritual strangers”, and learn how not to poke indiscriminant “metal objects” in multidimensional “power outlets”.

The Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution is here to provide the love, nurturance, attention, diligence, consistency, support, kindness, education, wisdom, discipline, alignment, guidance and protection during and after your Awakening.

The Quickening is a Unique Multidimensional
Accelerated Conscious Evolution System.

The Quickening provides the foundation so that you can build and put into motion your interface between your awakening human self and your Divine Self. It provides an evolutionary process to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and psychological aspects while at the same time providing and supporting you in your communication and integration with your Spiritual Guidance and Higher Self. Quickening provides the foundation and navigational guidance system so that your whole self can actually show up and participate in your multidimensional life.

The Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution system is comprised of three main sections:

The Foundation
Quickening Transmutation Sessions
Concept, Belief System and Thought form Transmutations
Angelic Templates

The Foundation

The first major component of the Quickening Spiritual technology, called The Foundation, provides a safe, gentle, permanent and vital form of Sacred Healing designed for your accelerated multidimensional needs in the modern millennium. It has been given to us not only to provide a transformative foundation for our present life time; it also lays a firm foundation and provides the fundamentals to enhance and ease your evolutionary path for the rest of your human existence.

The Foundation consists of a body of protocols, processes, invocations, meditations and prayers that utilizes the Grace, Light and Power of the Universal Laws, our Highest of Selves, Spiritual Guidance, the Angelic Kingdom, the Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Bodies and our Incorruptible Infinite God Goddess. In other words, it is a checklist of energetic clearings and transmutations and a checklist of reclamations, restorations and stabilization of your subtle bodies and field.

Quickening Transmutation Sessions

Concept, Belief System and Thought form Transmutations
Quickening Transmutation Sessions form the largest and most iterative section of the Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution system, consisting of a vast constantly expanding transmutation library.

The Quickening Transmutation sessions are applied, integrated and grounded expressions of several Universal Laws at our command. These Universal Laws, among other powerful Quickening principle facets, provide the foundation that the entire Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution system is built on, the fundamentals tools that the system utilizes and the mechanisms that empower the Quickening Transmutations.

Angelic Templates

Installation, Restoration and Transmutation
A template is a pattern to guide the form of something that is being made. In conscious evolution, or “soul-making,” Angelic Templates contain the etheric, subtle and multidimensional templates to help guide the form of various parts of your being and physical life. Like Divine CD ROMs, Angelic Templates are whole, healthy, complete, “living” and perfect references on subjects or life issues. These templates are installed by Angelic Guidance and help to reconnect you to information and consciousness in a form that is directly from Source.

Just as CD ROM’s provide vast amount of reference material for your easy perusal or as a work processing programs or spreadsheet program allows you to access, work with and apply data faster, more easily and in new, more powerful ways… Angelic Templates enable you to process, integrate, access and apply life lessons, information and experiences – faster, easier and more powerfully.  In this way, Angelic Templates help accelerate your conscious evolution.

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